Wednesday, July 03, 2024

My Summer of Chan

And that I suppose is that -- it's holiday o'clock! Tomorrow being July 4th we'll be closed up shop-wise until Monday -- and since I'll also be seeing the new Channing Tatum picture on Monday why not give us some summery Chan to get us in the mood for all of it? I hope everyone has a good long weekend whether you're here in the U.S. celebrating it, here in the U.S. not celebrating it (and honestly given the state of our country right this second it's a complicated celebration), or somewhere else doing whatever it is you're doing. If you're wondering what movies to see scan down the site you'll see my review of MaXXXine and my review of the French vampire flick The Vourdalak -- I only recommend one of these unfortunately. I guess we can't have everything. But we'll have Chan doggonit!

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