Thursday, July 04, 2024

Happy InDePlaidPants Day 2024!

It's time for that goofiest of MNPP-specific holidays -- every July 4th I post photos of dudes wearing plaid pants, because why not. WHY NOT??? Really though -- if any of you can come up with a good reason why I shouldn't do this ricidulous thing every year let's hear it; it'll save me gathering up these photos all year long. I welcome one less thing to worry about in this worry-full world!
But until that happens here we are, and here they be -- dudes wearing plaid pants. It's been so long since I've owned or wore a proper pair of plaid pants. That seems a shame. You'd think I'd capitalize on the site's name and brand myself like a proper "influencer" with a look (or is that "lewk") all my own so I could become a pop culture character and perhaps then pay my bills on time. LOL. Wouldn't that shock the world. Anyway, celebration! Hit the jump for the year in plaid pants photos...


ferretrick said...

In the case of the Glen Powell photo 5th from the bottom and several others, congratulations on even noticing the pants. I was...distracted elsewhere.

VRCooper said...

Now I love me a good plaid pant.

Glen should just pose tastefully nude. All this cock teasing is tying me up in nuts. And can we get his management team on the phone? Please relay to him to STOP all this body-shaving business. I like the furryiness.