Monday, June 17, 2024

Jurassic Jonny

I love this news -- even though it's not technically "news" but just a rumor that I have seen going around -- because it gives me an excuse to post that  photo of Jonathan Bailey showing off some impressive guns while recently working out. Not that we need an excuse. But an excuse makes us feel better about ourselves, and gives us something to actually say instead of whatever lame equivalent of the drool emoji I can conjure up. So! There is a rumor going round that Jonny's role in the new Jurassic World movie (which we already told you about here) will see him playing the adult version of the character of Timmy from the first film. (And the second, the Jurassic nerd in me must point out, where actor Joe Mazzello had a cameo.) 

The funny thing to me is that Bailey is actually slightly too young for the part, since he was only five when the original Jurassic Park came out! Christ that makes me feel ancient. Anyway this rumor also states that Scarlett Johannson, who's also been cast in the new movie, is playing the grown up Lex. We know nothing about the movie's plot yet except that unlike previous films that it's not set in one location, but will film all over the world -- notably one of those locations is the U.K., which is of course where Jurassic Park creator  John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) was from, and Lex and Timmy are his grandkids... I know it's a reach. But I like the idea. And Jonny and ScarJo are good casting for the kids, even if poor Joe Mazzello (who still acts) has to be a little bit annoyed about not getting to return to his most famous role because he didn't grow up to be as hot as Jonathan Bailey. Join the club, Joe! We all exist in Jonny's shadow.


bdog said...

Oy, I feel like this horse died with the Pratt era. Now, they don't even wait a while to reboot a franchise, they just re-cast and roll.

Jason Adams said...

I hated all of the Pratt films with a white hot vengeance so I would be inclined to agree BUT 1) Gareth Edwards is a pretty good director, 2) I like this cast, and 3) I'd really rather they make one more good movie at least and not end with those string of turds. The last one where they got Dern / Goldblum / Neill all back and then made a total piece of shit broke something inside of me -- it's probably too much to ask them to fix it, but here I stand anyway.