Tuesday, May 14, 2024

So Proudly We Hailed

The upcoming queer western National Anthem, which stars the great Charlie Plummer (Lean On Pete) and which I saw at NewFest last fall and reviewed right here, will surely end up on my best of the year list for 2024 -- that's how much I loved it and how fondly I remember it and how much I am looking forward to seeing it a second time when it drops in theaters on July 12th. I just want that bonafide out there about the movie quality-wise before I say what I am going to say next -- namely that National Anthem also has one of the screen-scorchingly hottest sex scenes I've seen in some time, which you can glimpse in the just-dropped trailer...

... and which I also am looking forward to watching again, when the time duly arrives. The entire film is sexy as hell but this scene in particular, director Luke Gilford builds all this emotional tension around it, and it's just a dirty explosion of lust when it arrives and -- phew. I'm getting worked up remembering it now. Queer people just know how to do sex scenes, is my point. We're singlehandedly keeping the screen horny dammit! Here is the trailer:

Again, National Anthem is out July 12th. Go see it!

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