Monday, November 20, 2023

Pics of the Day

Our first look at Lily Rose-Depp in the new Nosferatu film from The Witch and The Lighthouse and The Northman director Robert Eggers has arrived -- unfortunately it's from Empire magazine, which really excels at stamping their logo across their exclusive images, so what you see above is a trucated version. See the full one here on the movie's Instagram account, which is where I found it. Along with the title image seen below -- beautiful font work! Anyway the movie stars Depp, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Nicholas Hoult, Bill Skarsgård (as the title creature), Willem Dafoe (who once played the title creature, sort of, in Shadow of the Vampire), Emma Corrin, and Ralph Ineson, among others, and is out some time in 2024 -- obviously I cannot wait. This has been ages in the making and even if we didn't get Anya Taylor-Joy in the leading lady role as was intended I'm very very excited. Eggers is a big three-for-three with me and what he will do with this story (his long-time dream project) has been making my imagination spin around uncontrollably ever since I first heard it could be a thing. Click here for all of MNPP's previous coverage -- we've been following this one closely for years!

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mrripley said...

Lily is no replacement for Goth.