Thursday, November 02, 2023

Good Morning Miguel Again

I feel like it's been years since we last saw a photo of Miguel Angel Silvestre without clothes on? Oh wait, I didn't mean years -- seconds, I meant seconds. I feel like it's been seconds since I last saw Miguel without his clothes on. And huzzah for that! This new photoshoot is for the Spanish magazine Folie -- there's an interview at this link but it's in Spanish and per usual I'm being too lazy to translate it, so if you see something worth telling me, tell me. Now let us wake ourselves up this Thursday morning with Miguel, Miguel, and more more blessed Miguel, after the jump...


Unknown said...

I mean out of pure curiosity of knowing about Miguel "censored" I translated and the choice quotes are:

Do you cook well?
Yes, I really like cooking and I put a lot of love into it.

What is your signature dish?
Pasta with salmon and onion.

Do you conquer through food?
My mother says yes.

How do you seduce?
Trying to be sincere.

Are you shy when you get naked in front of the camera?
No, I have always felt like family, I have worked with very sensitive people who have taken great care of us.

Do you have many sexual fantasies?
Not lately. My greatest sexual fantasy is a paella in the sea and a chocolate ice cream that never ends.

Anonymous said...

Looks better seeing all his body hair.

Anonymous said...

someone in his team needs to strap those arms UP...not against the face, please.
UP! over the head!

Anonymous said...

I really miss Sens8...