Thursday, October 12, 2023

Happy NewFest 2023!

Today is the opening day of NYC's annual LGBTQ film fest NewFest, huzzah! Everybody in the big city's gonna be getting gay gay gay til their guts explode for the next twelve days and nights -- I already did a brief rundown of what's on this year right here so check that out. I've seen a couple more movies from the fest and reviewed them since that post though -- click here to read my thoughts on Andrew Haigh's film All of Us Strangers and click here to read my thoughts on Todd Haynes' film May December. Both fantastic! 

Tonight I'll be seeing Rustin, the biopic starring Colman Domingo as the civil rights leader (watch the trailer here) and over the next several days I'll see and hopefully review (if my brain doesn't literally collapse like a soufflé) a bunch more, including the swimmer biopic Nyad with Annette Bening and Jodie Foster and the queer western National Anthem starring our boy Charlie Plummer (seen at the top of this post), about which I have heard very good things. And NewFest has an online component that's open to the entire U.S. so if you wanna see something check that out! One of the movies that is streaming I'm very much hoping I get the chance to write about, since it inspired the following tweet:

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