Monday, August 28, 2023

Be My Bayard

Historical biopics aren't usually a genre I'm too interested in -- not until they make that one about tragic Wasp Woman actress Susan Cabot anyway; I'll camp out for that! -- as they're almost always so staid and formulaic. There are excellent ones obviously -- I just can't really get myself super excited about them beforehand. That said I'm pretty on-board for Rustin, the biopic of gay civil rights hero Bayard Rustin starring Colman Domingo, as he's a man who's story I've been longing to see get the respect it deserves for a very long time, and Domingo seems just the actor to do it. And the just released trailer made me tear up! I mean it still looks super formulaic, but in service of an under-served subject. Watch:

Rustin is out in November. What do we think?


Jeffery said...

That I will watch.

Mirko said...

Definitely here for Colman Domingo as Awards Season champ but it’s true that a Susan Cabot biopic is totally necessary