Thursday, August 10, 2023

They Call Him Xavier Red

Blessing us with some vintage Johnathon Schaech this morning to grab your attention for very important news -- that 4K restoration of Gregg Araki's 1995 queer-ish masterpiece The Doom Generation that made the theatrical rounds earlier this year has gotten a 4K blu release date! Hitting on September 25th you can pre-order it right here. Another foundational film for yours truly, when I saw this movie in college I saw the light, and it looked like... well it looked like this:

What a picture! Of course we're still keeping hope alive that a boxed-set of Araki's "Teenage Apocalypse Trilogy" -- which includes this movie sandwiched in between 1993's Totally F***ed Up and 1997's Nowhere -- will happen.... HELLO CRITERION -- you must be tired of me nagging at you at this point dammit! As we found out in April there is supposedly a new restoration of Nowhere that's supposed to hit theaters this fall, so that's two out of three! Patience, my fellow Araki-heads, patience...

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