Thursday, August 17, 2023

Josh O'Connor Four Times

As with Aaron Taylor-Johnson's (scorching hot) photo-shoot for Esquire earlier this week, this new Vogue photo-shoot of Josh O'Connor here is a stray from the strikes -- both Kraven the Hunter and Challengers, the films these sexy boys are promoting, have been booted to 2024. But if we have to stare at Josh (and Aaron) both now and then then that's at least one good thing to come out of the dickheads who run the movie-studios having no ideas how to run their businesses. Anyway the interview is cute, feel free to read that too -- my main takeaway is Josh says he's filming a "secret project" shooting soon in Colorado. Ooh what could it be? Who is he working with? (Yes obviously I hope it's Luca Guadagnino again.) Anyway hit ye ol' jump for photos...

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