Monday, July 10, 2023

Good Morning, Manu

Spending too much time while staring at this picture of Spanish actor Manu Rios trying to figure out what the emoji means. Is it an otter? is he calling himself an otter because he allowed those three wispy chest hairs to grow in? Or is he asking for an otter to lay down beside him? Did he just pick a random cute animal laying down emoji? One thing is for certain: I definitely should not be trying to decipher the hieroglyphs of Zoomers. Let's just enjoy the pretty and move it along... Happy Monday!


Jeffery said...

Google says: The Otter emoji 🦦 depicts the playful, lovable, furry, aquatic mammal, the otter. It's often used in posts about the creature, friendship, and love (as otters are often photographed holding paws), or to illustrate concepts of staying afloat.

Shawny said...

C'mon, he's looking to fuck. Sign me up.