Thursday, July 06, 2023

Giving New Meaning To International Relations

I am truly happy that a piece of gay fluff like Red White and Royal Blue exists in the world -- especially in a world that's eradicating our rights right and left. So I don't want to be too down-my-nose snob sneery towards this trailer that they have just released for the sweet, boisterous, pratfall-laden rom-com (based on a bestselling book by Casey McQuiston) about the hot Prince of England (Nicholas Galitzine) and the hot son of the U.S. president (Taylor Zakhar Perez) fucking each other's brains out.

I'm not sure this will be my cuppa, but the boys are cute and Galitzine was just incredibly funny as a clueless jock in the raucous queer high-school comedy Bottoms (reviewed here and also out later this summer) so perhaps it will prove a sweet diversion from a shitty world for a couple of hours. These days that is a lot!

Red White and Royal Blue hits
Amazon Prime on August 11th.

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Shawny said...

Hey Jason, your review of Mission Impossible is quoted in Sight and Sound, the weekly email I get. So well written! It starts with "Of course, the film's generous array of ornately stylized and briskly staged action sequences..."