Monday, July 31, 2023

Give It Up For Red Rooms

My first two reviews from the 2023 edition of the Fantasia Film Festival went up over the weekend -- the first one I already told you about, that being the Kinnman-n-Cage starring Sympathy For the Devil, which I reviewed right here. That movie also came out on demand over the weekend so maybe you watched it already and can tell me whether I should've been nicer and/or meaner to it. Please do let me know! I love that.

The other movie though, that's one I very much want you to pay attention to -- it's Quebecois serial killer thriller Red Rooms from director Pascal Plante, and I wrote it up for Mashable. It's fan-freaking-tastic -- deeply unnerving and with a killer lead performance from Juliette Gariépy, who plays a model who becomes (too, too, too) obsessed with a murder case.

I say this in my review but it's very much a modern giallo, but without being obsessed with repeating ad naseum the whole explicit "giallo" thing like a movie like The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears wherethey're trying to make it feel like a movie transported out of the 70s. Red Rooms is very much a movie of right now, and yet it's about a fashion model slash tech whiz slash murder detective! It scratches that giallo itch while adding something new and now. Also Gariépy kills it -- this is very much a movie I could see getting remade here in the U.S. (and hopefully they wouldn't water it down), and it's a role that any smart edgy actress should consider murdering her competition to get.

But don't listen to just me -- Red Rooms took home several of the top prizes at Fantasia over the weekend (even though the fest doesn't end until August 9th they already handed out their awards, I don't know) including Best Film, Best Screenplay for writer-director Plante, and Best Actress for Gariépy. I still can't get over the last act of this movie -- it's bonkers. And I can't wait to watch it again. See all the Fantasia award winners at this link, and stay tuned for several more reviews from yours truly, coming soon. 

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