Thursday, June 29, 2023

Kyle Gallner's Your Ride Or Die

This hit like some happy surprise news yesterday -- The Ruins and Swallowed director Carter Smith has a new movie coming out on August 4th! It's called The Passenger (I suppose the above poster gave that away) and it stars Kyle Gallner and Johnny Berchtold (yup, poster gave that way as well) as co-workers at a fast food joint who are flung together on a violent road-trip from hell. I want to go on a road-trip from hell with Kyle Gallner!

Anyway the trailer (seen down below) maybe gives away too much, so I might recommend skipping it and just waiting for the movie? But I can say just off its vibes alone that Smith's whole thing where he has a good boy get dominated by a bad boy is very much on display here, as it was in Swallowed (review here) and his incredible short film Bugcrush. And that whole thing is a thing I like! I like it a lot! And so I will probably also like it here! 

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bdog said...

Not gonna watch the preview, but I am down for this. I like Smith, His website, allthedeadboys, is some crazy/sexy shit.