Tuesday, May 09, 2023

Will Poulter Six Times

Lots and lots of Will Poulter photo-shoots dropping this week -- I've posted a lot already and there have been a couple I have purposefully ignored because I've felt that I've been posting too much of him! Oh well, I got nothing else this afternoon and I'm having a little bit of an emotional crisis so I'm just going to post these new GQ photos for you -- read the chat with him right here. There's nothing particularly spectacular about these photos, although I do feel silly that I never really paid attention to what an appealingly weird face he's got until the MCU complex told me to. He's the exact kind of weirdo I am usually drawn to -- I really should've been onboard with him before he got all muscled up. I am ashamed of myself for being such a predictable homosexual. Anyway that aside he's a lot of fun in Guardians - one of the best parts of an otherwise sloppy movie. I look forward to more. Well hit the jump for more GQ photos, anyway... 

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