Tuesday, May 09, 2023

I Do, Nicky, I Do

Just a few days until the third season of The Great saunters back into our lives -- I think this is the first time I didn't ask for screeners? Boooo. Anyway that means I'm as in the dark as any of you people about where the show's headed but I look forward to finding out alongside all you filthy commoners. The Great isn't why we're here posting, however -- Nicholas Hoult has booked a new movie! And it sounds fun too -- it's called The One and it is a horror spin on the reality show The Bachelor where new Scream star Melissa Barrera plays a young woman trying to win Nicky's heart when everything turns very very dark somehow. Weirdly Riley Keough is producing it? That makes me kind of wish it was a spin on The Bachelorette and Riley was starring in the lead and Nicky was vying for her affection -- alas. I will say that Melissa Barrera was much better in Scream VI than she was in Five-Cream but I'm still not totally sold on her. But with Mr. Hoult on-board we're there, a single rose in our hands, no questions asked.  

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Anonymous said...

I see peen. Rather aroused one.