Monday, May 08, 2023

The Sky Is Indeed Falling

Y'all know I love a Disaster Movie, so I couldn't let the 25th anniversary of the killer-asteroid classic Deep Impact pass today without giving my thoughts -- head on over to Pajiba for that! I hadn't watched this one in ages and re-watching it last week sure did give me some thoughts. Mostly cynical and hopeless ones, but I am me and the world we live in today is very much the world we unfortunately live in today. Sigh


John said...

I remember seeing this, disaster flicks were popular.

Poli said...

I always preferred Deep Impact over Armageddon - now I want to rewatch it, so thanks for the inadvertent suggestion!

Also, I love that someone mention Last Night in the comments - that's another great movie.

Frank said...

I definitely prefer Deep Impact over Armageddon (although the latter had better special effects). The problem with Bruce Willis’s movie is that it made astronauts look stupid. And bring machine guns to the moon?!? Ugh! Maybe some day a clever kid at home will edit the two movie, using the best parts of each.