Monday, May 08, 2023

Let There Be Louis

We're having a very French day today, I guess! Not that there's anything so unique about that here -- especially when the subject of Louis Garrel comes up. Garrel co-stars in a new movie that just got a trailer -- it's called Scarlet and it's from director Pietro Marcello, who made the grand and wonderful Martin Eden (which introduced me to the grand and wonderful Luca Marinelli).

And a lovely poster too, right? I hope they keep that poster for the U.S. release. And as a sidenote: Marcello is himself quite a feast -- check out this video I took of him at the NYFF when I saw Scarlet. Phew! Anyway I didn't get a chance to review Scarlet but it's lovely and novelistic in much the way Martin Eden was -- this is a man who knows how to make an old-fashioned movie-movie. Also...

... Louis has a mustache. Sold yet? What more could you possibly need? Kino Lorber are releasing the film here in NYC on June 9th and it will expand outward from there. Here is the trailer:

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