Monday, May 22, 2023

Happy 25 to The Opposite of Sex

I wasn't sure whether I should lead with that photo of Ivan Sergei in Don Roos' 1998 comedy The Opposite of Sex here when speaking of the film's 25th anniversary or go with the photo of the film's real MVPs Christina Ricci and Lisa Kudrow seen down below. Ultimately beefcake won - I think I know my audience by now! But I wrote up Sex's 25th anniversary over at Mashable today -- click here to read it -- and it's mostly about Ricci & Kudrow. Pictures are one thing -- words quite another. Anyway this movie rules, even if watching it in 2023 is kind of a different experience than it was in 1998... but then I get into all of that in my piece. So go read the damn piece!


Anonymous said...

Thanks. Loved it back then. You make me want to see it again soon.

bdog said...

So weird, I was just wondering what this guy was up to. I was watching Class of 09, on FX, and thought Brian J Smith looked like Sergei, etc.
Anyway, 09 is very interesting. Raul Castillo pops up for a sadly too brief moment.

ferretrick said...

I'd love to read it if it wasn't for that goddamn ad blocking it out and taking over my screen.

Love this film.