Friday, May 05, 2023

Gaze Unto the Heavens, Andrew Garfield

I have to admit that the first headline I saw earlier today about this story I didn't pay attention to -- Andrew Garfield and Daisy Edgar-Jones set to bring to life the romance between legendary astronomer Carl Sagan and his collaborator Ann Druyan? Sure okay, could be good. Not the sort of thing I'm gonna do a post on, but I'll probably watch that. But then I saw a second headline that said who was directing the movie -- Sebastián Lelio! The man who gave us not one but two Gloria movies, who gave us Disobedience and A Fantastic Woman! All of them masterpieces. I was a little less enamored with his most recent movie The Wonder with Florence Pugh, but it's still perfectly solid. Anyway the second Lelio's name pops up on anything, a postin' we will go.

The movie will appropriately enough be called Voyagers and it will be set in 1977 when Sagan and Druyan worked together on creating "the golden record," which you can read about here if you're unfamiliar. Garfield is always great casting for a dreamer with his head in the skies. I guess Lelio will film this after he does his Bride movie (as in "of Frankenstein") with Scarlett Johannson? Anyway Druyan, who is producing the movie, shared this quote which I found really moving:

"Imagine falling madly, truly in love with one of the greatest humans who ever lived, while creating a complex message about what it is to be alive, a golden record affixed to the first interstellar spacecraft launched by our species, bound to sail the Milky Way galaxy long after Earth ceases to exist. It takes a movie to bring that mythic experience, that cosmic love story to vivid life. After years of searching, I feel that we have found exactly the right colleagues and artists to capture the magic of it.”

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