Monday, May 01, 2023

Baby Yes Please Baby Please

Heads up (and given that cover we mean it!) -- Vinegar Syndrome has just announced that they're putting out one of my favorite 2022 movies on blu-ray! Amanda Kramer's queer fantasia Please Baby Please (about a straight couple of squares who go kooky wild with some greasers in a neon-lit hellscape) starring Andrea Riseborough, Harry Melling, Demi Moore, and our lithe sex king Karl Glusman...

... is available for pre-order right this minute on their site. Here is my review of the movie from ages ago, and here is the trailer. I've written slash gushed about this thing for ages -- I'm super psyched that it's getting this fancy-schmancy physical media treatment! This disc is loaded with extras too -- outtakes and deleted scenes and Kramer's short films are all piled on alongside commentary from the director and other assorted goodies. I bought this so fast I left burn-marks across my keyboard and I recommend you do the same. In related news, as if to entice us beyond the breaking point, Karl Glusman shared this video on his Insta this weekend:

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