Friday, April 14, 2023

The Time For After Hours Is Upon Us!

One of the most awaited slash demanded Criterion titles of all time has finally been announced! Martin Scorsese's 1985 downtown NYC masterpiece After Hours is hitting 4K and blu-ray on July 11th! Just in time for my birthday -- huzzah! You can check out the list of special features at the link but it's the usual parade of awesomeness. Sometimes I think this is my favorite Scorsese movie? It's the one I've watched the most, even more than The Age of Innocence (the other one in the running for my favorite). It's so my perfect vision of my home -- take from that what you will, if you've seen the film. Those of us who love this nightmare hellhole love it with fierce devotion and nobody got it better than Marty. 

The other movies hitting Criterion in July are gonna have a hard time competing with that, but let's try to hype them up to -- Carl Franklin's 1992 small-town race thriller One False Move starring Bill Paxton is an ace little flick and that's making its debut on 4K blu-ray on July 25th. I only caught this a year or so ago when Criterion had it on their Channel and was shocked I'd never even heard of it before then. Then there's a big boxed-set of five Western films from director Budd Boetticher and starring one Mr. Randolph Scott. Sounds like the perfect Dad Gift for next year's holiday season. (Who doesn't love sneaking a closeted homosexual into their Dad's stash?)

And then rounding out the month there is Cheryl Dunye's fabulous 1996 lesbian classic The Watermelon Woman, and a 4K upgrade of Gordard's Breathless, all's so you can stare at this gorgeousness...

... as crisp as f'ing possible. G'bless you, Criterion!


bdog said...

2 of my favorite films of all time-
After Hours-I saw it at The Paris. Loved it. What a cast.
Breathless-Belmondo and Seberg, both so beautiful.

joel65913 said...

One False Move really should be better known, it's a slamming propulsive thrill ride of a film. I remember when I stumbled across it, I knew nothing about it but saw Bill Paxton's name in the credits and decided to give it a look. It grabbed me from the first frame and kept me in its thrall until the end.

I should give After Hours another look, it's been decades.

Critifur said...

I both loved and hated After Hours when it came out. I have never been so uncomfortable while watching a film, I think I felt nauseous at points. I understood that it was a good film, but it felt like a horror movie. I just wanted it to be over, and escape from the insanity of being so out of control. I haven't seen it since. Maybe I will give it another go.