Friday, April 14, 2023

Nicholas Hoult Two Times

These photos (love the NH necklace) come to us via The Guardian, where they chatted with Nicky here on the release date of Renfield, his Dracula's sidekick flick with Nicolas Cage. I'm thankfully not reviewing Renfield -- thankfully because I have very little to say about it. The most I can muster is it's fine. A little funnier than I anticipated, but then I'm not particularly one of Cage's biggest fans so I went into it with some dread i.e. low expectations. And it turns out that Dracula is actually a good casting choice for Cage! Y'all was right. The movie perks up when he's around, or when Nicky is batting those beautiful eyes of his, but otherwise it's a bit of an all-over-the-place mess that never figures out what kind of movie it wants to be. Anyway in better news we also got a trailer for the third season of The Great this week! That's the ticket. 

The Great returns on May 12th.

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