Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Small Axe is Here to Stay

And speaking of "my favorite directors" I saw this new photo of Steve McQueen the other day and it took me a moment to even recognize him -- dude is hella skinny! Anyway that aside it's a big day for those of us who love his work -- his series of 2020 short-films titled Small Axe are hitting Criterion in box-set form today! You can buy the set right here -- and Amazon has it cheap too, just 70 bucks right now. I somehow still haven't done a list of my favorite movies for 2020 but I'd have to figure out how to fit Small Axe in there if/when I did/do -- whether it be by individual film or all in one big chunk, it belongs. An absolute masterpiece.

In related news -- have any of you watched Uprising, his three-part  documentary series about three different events in 1981 London, yet? Shamefully I keep forgetting to watch even though it's on Prime Video. Gonna send myself a reminder for this weekend. Next up for McQueen is the film Blitz, about you guessed it the blitz bombings of London during WWII -- it stars Saorsie Ronan and Harris Dickinson, among many others (no Michael Fassbender though, which makes me sad -- I feel like they must've had a falling out). And McQueen also has a WWII doc called Occupied City coming out soon as well, about Amsterdam's Nazi occupation. I guess he really got into World War II during the pandemic. Here's a photo of Saorsie looking killer in period garb on the set of Blitz:


sissyinhwd said...

My copy of SMALL AXE will be delivered today.
It was my number one film on my Ten Best for the year. Yes, I cheated and counted all of them as one. I've lost track of how many times I've watched LOVERS ROCK.

Shawny said...

Lovers Rock is one of the great films about passion for music. I made a playlist on Spotify with the songs in the film and I listen to it when I want that mood. So great!

Natty Soltesz said...

Watching Lovers Rock in the thick of quarantine was so heartbreaking.