Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Sisu in 150 Words or Less

Glad I'm reviewing this here so I can be as bare-bones in the writing as the film was -- I can't imagine the script for Sisu isn't just a map with different action-scenes drawn onto different areas and a line connecting them. This isn't a complaint! The film -- which sees a grizzled Finnish veteran of WWII turned gold prospector killing a ton of Nazis who at the end of the war have decided to swipe his plunder on their way outta Finland -- is just an excuse to hang some over-the-top action on. And as such is ninety minutes of glorious gore-soaked mayhem. Turn thine brain off and enjoy watching the Nazi scum get blown to itty bitty bits. It's plenty similar to the John Wick movies, but 1) it doesn't feel like an advertisement for the gun industry and 2) it comes in at ninety brief minutes. So Point Sisu.

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sissyinhwd said...

saw it today and thought it was a helluva good time. I was laughing from beginning to end.