Friday, April 07, 2023

Lucas Bravo Nine Times

I hope that Lucas Bravo has talented smart people getting him the roles that that face of his demands right now, because I need to see him leading some movies stat! The show Emily in Paris seems to've gotten him his first notice here in the US (he is French, of course -- I say "of course" because that accent is part of his appeal) but since I never watched that it was the movies Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris and Ticket to Paradise where I became aware of, and then quickly obsessed, with him. Of course this has all been within the past year so if you've been here for that long you've seen all of this play out in real time -- here are our Lucas Archives for a refresher. (And make sure to check this post, good god, specifically.)

Anyway I say all of that because IMDb doesn't have any new projects listed, but I'm sure there's deals being made given our boy's current heat levels. And I'm doing my part! By posting every photo possible. This here is a new photo-shoot for Citizen K magazine (via) and it gives his perfect legs a good work-out (I too would like to do the same, wink wink) so hit the jump for them all...

ETA here are a couple of set photos from
 the shoot that've popped up on Instagram:

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Anonymous said...

Wait! So you sat through Ticket to Paradise but won't watch a single episode of Emily in Paris? Explain yourself.