Friday, April 07, 2023

How To Blow Up a Pipeline in 200 Words or Less

A killer heist movie about shit that actually matters, writer-director Daniel Goldhaber's seat-gripping eco-thriller How To Blow Up a Pipeline flips the script on the usual slave-to-Capitalism narrative these movies suck at the teat of by making the politically righteous destruction of corporate greed their mark. The filmmaker's previous and also-terrific movie Cam managed a similar feat, funneling an of-our-moment discourse about sex-work and online personality crises through genre tropes -- this movie proves Goldhaber's the real deal, a talent to show up for again and again.

's constantly shuffling structure owes plenty to heist movies of the past -- I just watched Jules Dassin's 1955 masterpiece Rififi for the first time last week and it all starts there, right? -- but what makes Pipeline stand out is its fiercely political point-of-view; anger of the sort that's sadly a real rarity in these generic times of ours. And so too the characters, the kind of on-the-margins loners weirdos and cast-offs who would never be the central focus of a slick Soderbergh-esque entertainment. (That's no slight meant to Soderbergh, of course - I love you, Stevie!) The actors, all fascinating up-and-comers with riveting faces, snap together like exquisite calibration. This sucker thrums!

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Sounds great, thanks for the rec