Friday, April 21, 2023

Have a Very Waters Weekend!

It's John Waters' 77th birthday tomorrow, so find some way to celebrate -- you know, eat shit and die or something. No but seriously this should hopefully be a stellar John year since he's supposedly working on making an actual movie now! Let's hope we hear more about that soon since, I mean, dude is turning 77. Okay I need to shut my pie-hole -- John Waters is gonna live forever! 

Aaaanyway I'm done for the day, which means I'm done until Monday -- but I have given you a whole lot to ponder! I reviewed three count them three movies out this weekend -- here is my review of Guy Ritchie's The Covenant with Jake Gyllenhaal; here is my review of Evil Dead Rise; and here is my review of Ari Aster's Beau is Afraid. Oh and I also wrote about the 50th anniversary of the incredible 1973 horror flick Messiah of Evil today too for good measure -- read that right here! And that is plenty to keep you busy this weekend. When you're not eating shit and dying for John Waters, I mean. Bye!


Louise said...

I love Messiah of Evil!! Thanks for writing about it. One quick question: Is it Point Dune or Point Dume? I thought it was Point Doom at first but that seemed like too obvious a name, so I figured it had to be Point Dune, but then I discovered that there’s a Point Dume near Malibu.

Jason Adams said...

Louise -- I had trouble figuring that out myself since it sounds like they're saying DOOM to me every time! But I'm like 80% sure it's Point Dune after a little digging - that it's supposed to be a fictional town version of the actual one. But I wouldn't be shocked if I was wrong!