Monday, April 17, 2023

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

 ... you can learn from:

Lena: So you're the math guy.
Richard: Yeah, um, math and code. Well I synthesize
and weigh a very large number of different
types of evidence, and using
 certain metrics I hope to anticipate what will happen next.
Lena: Oh so you know what will happen next?
Richard: No. But My models do. 
Lena: How'd you get into that?
Richard: Do you really want to know? Bees.
Lena: Bees? Like honeybees?
Richard: My theory was on how bee colony collapse disorder
would cripple California's almond production. Turns out it did.
Lena: So what happened to the bees?
Richard: They vanished.
Lena: What do you mean, 'vanished'? Like died?
Richard: No. No. Vanished. Like nobody knows.
Lena: And you didn't try to figure it out?
Richard: Well that's not what my models
are programmed to do.

A happy 34th birthday to actor Beau Knapp today!

I'll take any opportunity to shout-out Filip Jan Rymsza's strange and fascinating 2020 horror flick Mosquito State, which I think got lost in the pandemic shuffle and deserves way more attention than it ended up getting. (Here is my review.) At least Shudder has kept it on their service all this time so it's pretty easy to watch, and I recommend you do. I re-watched it a couple of months ago and it 100% stands up to re-watches -- indeed I think the bizarre (or is that buzz-arre, hardy har) connections it makes between numbers and human behavior and fate, how it links an unknown chaos beyond our comprehension with the choices we make day to day, is thematically rich stuff. And it goes about it all in a profoundly unsettling manner. Anyway! It made me a lifetime fan of Knapp. Which will be good for when he reunites with his Southpaw co-star Jake Gyllenhaal for the Road House remake soon.

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