Friday, April 21, 2023

Daniel Craig's Partner in Queerness

Luca Guadagnino has found Daniel Craig's object du jour in their adaptation of William Burroughs' book Queer -- Drew Starkey, an actor whose name rang a little bell in my head but I couldn't immediately place, has landed the role of the "younger man with whom [Craig] becomes madly infatuated." (thx Mac) See my previous post on this movie here -- we are, needless to say, right the fuck on top of this one! Variety also shares that the movie will co-star Jason Schwartzman, the hot Henry Zaga (see pictures of him right here), and -- drumroll imagined here, please -- Lesley f'ing Manville! Yes! Mrs. Harris goes to Queer-ville, baby!

Anyway as for Starkey he has indeed been in several things I've seen before -- the movies American Animals, Love Simon, The Hate U Give, The Devil All the Time, and the recent Hellraiser re-do -- but I cannot for the life of me place him all the same. I don't mean that as a dig -- maybe it means his roles have been small, or he's very good at disappearing into characters, or a combination of both. It sounds like this is the project where all eyes (including Daniel Craig's) will be on him and we'll see. He seems promising in these photos!

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Rick Schoen said...

Drew Starkey is in a Netflix series, Outer Banks. The third season of which was released a couple of weeks ago. The character he plays is a total psycho dick, but he looks good.