Monday, April 17, 2023

Anthony Ramos Would Like To Get Blown Too

In the Heights star Anthony Ramos -- who was kind enough to share some vacation photos on his Instagram last week, see more here -- has joined the cast of Twisters, says Deadline! I told you about this sequel to Jan de Bont's 1996 disaster classic Twister last week when it was announced Glen Powell and Daisy Edgar-Jones were going to star in it (and I made several of you very angry by daring to compare Glen to Bill Paxton lol but I stand by it -- I only called them comparative! I certainly don't think Glen has proven himself to be a legend like ol' Bill, I just think they have a similar energy.) Anyway there's really no more information than that, but since this allowed me to re-highlight those shirtless Antony photos from last week I said sure, let's post it. Weirdly I was walking in my neighborhood of Washington Heights yesterday and saw that there was still a gigantic In the Heights promotional banner hanging off a parking garage down the street from me -- y'all gotta let go, dudes. 

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bdog said...

Double down all you want, dude. Still a big ol nope. This Twister remake will most likely make a ton of money no matter who is in it. I'm assuming Jones and Powell are the leads, which makes sense b/c they are equally dull.