Friday, March 10, 2023

We're All Hairy on the Inside

Speaking of being decrepit! If you're my age or age-ish then you probably recall being deeply scarred by the VHS cover for Neil Jordan's 1984 film The Company of Wolves as a child -- I certainly was, and remained afraid of the movie until many many many moons on. With that wolf snout erupting from the shirtless man's gaping maw the imagery taps into the deeply disturbing and uncanny animal id parts of our brains -- it's sex and violence and all the centuries of creepy Fairy Tale metaphors undone with one grisly shock. It's good stuff! Anyway Jordan's film has landed on Shudder this week and so I wrote a thing about it at Mashable, click on over to read said thing. I re-watched the movie last week for the writing of this piece (it is also on 4K blu-ray now and I really recommend checking it out that way if you can, as I've never seen it look so insanely lush before) and loved it more than I have previously -- this one has been a slow-grower? It's taken a few watches to stop thinking it's maybe a little boring, and really find the right groove. This last watch sealed the deal though -- what a movie. 


canoetoo said...

I remember really liking this movie when I first saw it back in the 1980s. A few years ago, I tracked it down on DVD and was a bit disappointed. Perhaps the DVD transfer was not the best. Will have to check it out again.

Anonymous said...

A minor scene that I remember is of the girl sitting in church and a bunch of big plump spiders fall onto her open prayer/hymnbook, and she just brushes them off, without alarm. It was indicative of the film's positive attitude toward all creatures.