Friday, March 10, 2023

Good Morning, World

Let's just be clear - I am old enough and cloister myself off from pop culture enough that I wouldn't know a Bad Bunny song if it smacked its big dick in my face. I hope you don't come here for hip! Because we're closer to "hip replacement" at this point than we are the other sort. That said I have now seen Mr. Bunny in two movies -- in Bullet Train, where he didn't make much of an impression (nothing in that movie did except Aaron Taylor-Johnson & Brian Tyree Henry), and in the Sundance-screened gay luchador drama Cassandro, where he shares all kinds of sexual chemistry with (and kisses) Gael Garcia Bernal, and he definitely left an impression in that second one. (That's a really good movie, by the way -- keep an eye out for it.) So I will wish the big bad Bunny man a happy birthday today! Why not? I mean he was born the year before I graduated from high school but I will try to not hold that against him.

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