Friday, March 03, 2023

Sweet Sexy Nosferatu!

Big huge massive abs-shredding news today, as word comes from Focus Features that Robert Eggers has finally begin filming his remake of Nosferatu! And not only that -- the dude cast on this thing is stacked as high as The Northman's pectorals, with the previously announced Bill Skarsgård being joined by both Nicholas Hoult and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. What what what???

A project that Eggers has been talking about doing ever since he popped on the scene with The Witch in 2015 (and we should definitely talk about how it hasn't even been a decade and dude has gifted us with three straight genre masterpieces), this one kept getting delayed and delayed because he really wanted his Witch star Anya Taylor-Joy for his leading-lady -- he finally had to give up because Anya is just too damned in demand, and in September it was announced that (sigh) Lily-Rose Depp was taking the part. I am admittedly not over-the-moon about this -- Depp did come close to impressing me opposite George MacKay in Wolf and as I said in September she certainly has the look for the part. Not to mention she's gotten sucked on by her fair share of pasty cadavers before... 

But she's no Anya, ya know? Hopefully Eggers will bring out heretofore unrealized potential; she'll certainly be surrounded by greatness, since besides the three hot dudes I mentioned up top the cast will also reunite Eggers with his Lighthouse keeper Willem Dafoe (who of course gave Nosferatu life one time already with the masterpiece that is Shadow of the Vampire). New Nosferatu is now filming in Prague! In related news -- get me to Prague!

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