Friday, March 03, 2023

Sam Claflin Thirteen Times

I should definitely have a better idea of what the hell Daisy Jones and the Six is because it stars my beloved Riley Keough, first off -- I try to keep abreast of my Riley projects! But I swear to you until this week here, which is the week this thing is being released, I had never heard of this thing in my entire life. And now I'm seeing it co-stars Sam Claflin via this photoshoot for Rolling Stone UK -- read the interview here -- and I guess I should look it up.

I mean I am technically a professional or whatever -- I am typing out a whole post here and I have absolutely no idea what I am talking about. That in itself is entertaining me, though -- more than actually knowing if this is a TV series or a movie will, I think? I have to know so many things -- too many really -- I enjoy not knowing some! Sometimes! So I will google it later. Or I won't! Who knows? I follow my own drummer, bitches! (And I dare an A.I. to try and capture this voice.) That said hit the jump for more photos of Sam looking very attractive for this thing, whatever it is...

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ferretrick said...

What in gay hell are those jeans in the last picture?