Friday, March 03, 2023

Pics of the Day

Creed III
is out today and our bud Kyle at The New York Times got to sandwich himself in between Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors -- at least that's how I would have conducted the interview anyway -- to ask them some questions. Check it here. The pictures, which I'm sharing here, are worth looking at! They're worth looking at several times. But the chat is good too -- they really seem to've hit it off, Jordan & Majors, and say they plan on working together again. Said Majors:

"Two alphas? No, bro, we both cannot survive. Somebody’s got to die. That’s the game I thought I was entering into, and he just kept saying, “I got you, bro.” I was like, “Boy, all right.”"

Anyway it doesn't look like I'll be reviewing Creed III so here are some quick thoughts -- it's actually terrific? I infamously couldn't stand the first Creed movie, so much that I never even bothered seeing the second one. But what bothered me so much about the first movie -- all the Daddy Issues nonsense got on my last nerve -- was nowhere to be found here, and I found the relationship that Jordan and Majors craft between two old friends pretty riveting. I cannot say how much of my opinion was formed by how hard I am in the tank for Majors right now -- there answer is hard, real real hard -- but I'm usually bored out of my mind by boxing movies and I was totally into this one from start to end. And that's not to say it's anything we haven't seen before -- it's not exactly rewriting the genre. But it's a solid entry built on real character work. Y'all should go see it. And y'all should hit the jump for more of these hunks...

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