Friday, March 24, 2023

I'd Really Love To Touch You

One of the greatest cult movies of all the cult movies in all the land, Paul Verhoeven's 1995 masterpiece d' sleaze Showgirls, is getting the fancy 4K treatment! This is courtesy of the ever fine folks at Vinegar Syndrome, and they've opened up the pre-orders for the disc right here as part of their "Halfway to Black Friday" flash sale, which is happening all weekend. Don't worry if you can't buy it right this minute -- they'll have it for sale again soon down the line. But if you order it now you get it much faster. Being the Physical Media Obsessive that I am I've ordered from VS a lot over the past couple of years and they rock; they're really one of the premiere sites in the boutique blu-ray business -- they haven't announced all of the extras yet but I'm sure they'll be stacked. I'm surprised they got their hands on a movie this big, honestly! I guess when they also got Road House in 4K recently we should've seen bigger things ahead. God, what a killer double-feature those two would make for. I have to force myself to hold off until I get my 4K Showgirls in the mail but I wanna double-feature that this weekend now!

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KingRoper said...

WooHoo! Just placed my order- thanks!