Monday, March 27, 2023

Good Morning, World

So apparently Joshua Jackson saw how positively we all responded to him wearing tighty-whities on Little Fires Everywhere back in 2020 and he said, "You know what? I'm gonna give the gays..." et cetera, etc cetera y'all know that meme. And so anyway there he is in tighty-whities again on that Fatal Attraction series he is on opposite Lizzy Caplan. Yeah that same Fatal Attraction series that reportedly kept her off of the new season of Party Down episodes. Which had me pissed off at Fatal Attraction. But I am willing to accept Joshua Jackson in tighty-whities as a make-up gift. I guess I will watch it when it airs in April, then. Voila, that easy. Anyway happy Monday yadda yadda let's just get on with it already. Oh, one note that you should scribble in your mind's calendar -- an unexpected day-job thing will have me off-blog for Thursday and Friday of this week. So just a brief three-day MNPP week ahead! Prepare your bodies!


Justin said...

Mmm daddy daddy, if you want it drop the addy

Anonymous said...

Just like with the film, another woman losing her shit for a guy who's really not that hot.