Thursday, March 02, 2023

Hot Boy is Hellboy

Even though the role of Hellboy has turned out to be a bit of a curse (Del Toro's series should've gone on for longer, and David Harbour got a raw deal), and also it means that he'll be buried under paint and prosthetics, I am delighted to hear this morning's news that Claws star Jack Kesy -- our sweet sweet sexy Roller baby! -- has just landed the devil-horned red superstar for a new Hellboy movie. Titled Hellboy: The Crooked Man -- is this based on a run of the comics? I have no idea, I have never read any, but Hellboy creator Mike Mignola co-wrote the script. And even better the film's being directed by Crank co-director Brian Taylor which gets me excited as the Crank movies totally rule. (Taylor's usual co-director Mark Neveldine is nowhere in sight but that dude married Alison Lohman and they went off and became insane anti-vaxx maniacs so hopefully the Taylor-Neveldine working relationship is dead and I don't have to think about Neveldine ever again.) Anyway Kesy's done a few things outside of Claws, my beloved Claws, that I have seen -- he was in Deadpool 2 and he was in that horror movie Mosquito State that I totally adore. (I re-watched it a few months ago and it 1000% holds up.) And I have liked him in everything too -- besides looking like the jock I want to throttle me until I pass out he's properly talented! Let's hope this movie lets him be fun. And only covers up a little bit with prosthetics. Like, show this shit off y'all.


AxFromMN said...

Gonna comment on this late, because Jack Kesy needs more love.

I'm not sure I want more Hellboy, but I definitely want more Jack Kesy. I first paid attention to him as Roller on Claws, but in going through his iMDB, realized he was the KISS-like rocker whose dick plopped off into the toilet on The Strain, and knew I would love him forever.

Anonymous said...

I have the original Hellboy comic of "The Crooked Man", and it's a keeper for sure, drawn this time by the late great Richard Corben. Extremely selective in the comics I buy, I can't say enough good things about Corben or Hellboy's creator, Mike Mignola.