Monday, March 20, 2023

Hark Triton Hark

It feels a little goofy to me at this point to do an entire post about this -- all y'all who care about such things will have already seen it elsewhere, and I'm not getting anything for writing this. If A24 wants to send me review copies of things -- just saying! Not that I didn't buy a copy of the just-announced 4K blu-ray of Robert Eggers' The Lighthouse the second I got the damn email. It's only one of my favorite films of the past decade, the greatest film of its year, and a movie I've already watched so many times I could probably reenact the damn thing as a one-man-show on command. Here is my original review if you'd like to recall my derangement. Anyway as you'll see at A24 this disc comes with a slew of new extras -- not to mention this gorgeous film in 4K which is enough on its lonesome -- so perhaps when the package hits my hot little hands at the end of this month I will do some fresh posts on those things. Even if I had to pay for it dammit. God I'm becoming so spoiled and privileged now. But baby's gotta get paid! In the parlance of Danny Glover I'm getting too old for you know.

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Shawny said...

Okay, I'll see this one. Didn't realize you loved it so much.