Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Team Experience the Awesomeness

I knew I should have waited a skinny minute to post those two polls I'd participated in yesterday, because I knew that this third example would be revealing itself any minute and here we are -- today our Team Experience 2022 nominations went up at The Film Experience, wherein all of us who write for that website (save our glorious leader Nathaniel, who has his own awards as befits the king) voted on our favorite movie things of 2022. And I know that plenty of other people voted on these but I feel as if my influence is actually felt -- Franz Rogowski for Best Actor for Great Freedom! Love for Bones and All and Decision To Leave and Mad God! These are me things and I approve. Go look and gape in awe at out awesomeness y'all. Our winners will be announced on February 7th.

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