Thursday, February 02, 2023

Good Morning, World

Shh! Me and Franz Rogowski are sleeping in this morning. We're allowed because it's Franz's birthday today (he's turning a tender 37). I would say "how weird that we were just talking about Franz" what with him making a happy surprise appearance on our list of Best Actors nominees in the "Team Experience" awards at The Film Experience yesterday -- but what is weird about me talking about Franz Rogowski? Absolutely nothing about that is weird at this point -- if I could talk about Franz every day I would. Before yesterday it had been a whopping two days since the last time he came up when I reviewed his new movie at Sundance. Point being we deserve to sleep in today, we've been busy. But I won't make you go away empty handed -- I stumbled upon a photoshoot of him this morning (and do note the plaid pants) that I have never seen before! Given the breadth our archives this is let's say unique. So hit the jump and behold eleven lovely Franz photos...

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