Thursday, January 05, 2023

Presumed Negga

Looks like the next project happening for Jake Gyllenhaal (after the esteemed Road House remake, of course) will definitely be his Apple+ series adaptation of Presumed Innocent, which was announced last month and which is quick getting a cast -- namely his co-star, one queen of screens big and small a certain Ruth Negga! We're massive fans of Ruth here at MNPP and have been since her acidic-sweet turn as Tulip on Preacher or thereabouts? That was 2016, the same year as Loving, showcasing her range -- cut to her astonishing turn in Rebecca Hall's Passing in 2021 and we'll follow her anywhere, any time. I mean clearly we were watching The Jake Gyllenhaal Show, but this adds a million plusses. Negga is playing Jake's wife, whose life gets upended when he's accused of murdering his mistress -- I haven't seen the Harrison Ford movie in decades. I guess I should revisit? I mean it's not like asking me to stare at 1990 Harrison is a big ask. 


Anonymous said...

Don't you mean murdering his mistress, (not marrying)?

Jason Adams said...

Oh shit yes! Good catch haha. I'll fix that