Monday, January 09, 2023

Jonathan Majors Three Times

I usually complain that the photos that W Magazine chooses for its annual "Best Performances" issue are too weird, but this year they're kind of boring? Not at all the tacky mess they tend to go for. The Michelle Yeoh ones are fun though (see my tweet about those here) and you can see them all at this link to make up your own minds, but for here at MNPP I obviously had to snatch the Jonathan Majors ones -- he is our cover boy this week, after all. 

Read the chat with Mr. Majors right here -- he's being recognized for his fine work in the Korean War film Devotion, which I seemed to have liked more than most people (this honor today notwithstanding). But then I guess I probably can't be entirely trusted when it comes to Jonathan these days as I'm over-my-head infatuated! But a big part of that is his talent! It's not just his traps. Not just. (PS Devotion is now streaming on Paramount+ -- watch it!)


bdog said...

Fun pics, he usually looks so angry. I loved Lovecraft, that was a show that deserved a second season. I haven't seen him in anything else. I'll give Devotion a chance on Paramount+.

Shawny said...

He's quite the magnet. I'd be a paper plane on him.