Thursday, January 26, 2023

Hey Via Yahya

Hey! Yes, you. Just checking in whilst in between virtual Sundance screenings with this photo that the actor Yahya Abdul Mateen was kind enough to share on his Insta today (click to embiggen). I am indeed still buried in the watching of and, presumably, the writing about, Sundance -- I'm doing far far better on the previous than the latter, as you can see by comparing this Letterboxd list of things I have watched (at thirty-three as of this writing) with my Rotten Tomatoes page of things I have as of yet reviewed (at, uhh, two right now). I subscribe to the notion that you binge everything you can while you have it and then write about it after, although you should definitely expect more over the weekend and through next week obviously. Okay that's all I got right now. Back to the watching grind -- I'll be posting proper-like Monday! Have a delicious weekend...

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