Tuesday, January 03, 2023

Good Morning, World

Good morning and happy 2023, everybody! I hope you had good holidays all over yourselves, just up in there and all over. Keeping it simple with some of pretty pretty Spanish actor Manu Ríos (of the series Elite and Pedro Almodovar's upcoming gay cowboy movie) this morning (via his Insta) since I've got some catching up to do after ten whole days off -- have I ever linked to my ongoing Twitter thread on Manu here before? Well there's plenty there to discover too. We'll talk soon!


Hot guys said...

Good moAning 😜

VRCooper said...

Happy New Year Jason!!

Nothing but the best for 2023!!

I see you included in your first post of the year my favorite "Everything You Need To Know About Life..."

I look forward to those posts.

Cease the year!!