Friday, January 13, 2023

And Uhhhh I'd Like To Be Famous

For now I'm only a member in one critic's group but it's the one I'm in for sucking dick so it just doesn't get better -- the group's called GALECA the Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Critics, and we've just announced our nominations for the films and performances of 2022! These are just nominations -- we'll vote to narrow it down next and then the winners of each category will be announced on February 23rd. You can read the whole list over at AwardsWatch -- I like most everything we nominated although per usual most of the nominations I personally made were way too weird to bubble up to the top. No love for Flux Gourmet or Great Freedom, siiiigh. But we did nominate Mia Goth for her work in Pearl (and Top Gun didn't get shit) so I will not complain! It's good stuff.

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Anonymous said...

Just saw Pearl and Mia Goth is excellent. That monologue! Holy crap! And mostly in one take!

But looking at the nominations - Keke in supporting? Nope, indeed.