Friday, December 16, 2022

You Put It On a Slow Bake

The great Skinamarink isn't the only Shudder horror news of note today -- they also snatched up one that I haven't yet seen but am very much looking forward to seeing. It's called Perpetrator and it's from director Jennifer Reeder, whose previous film Knives and Skin was a real Lynchian eye-grabber that I reviewed right here. Perpetrator is premiering at Berlinale in February and here's how it's described:

"On her 18th birthday, tough-girl Jonny eats a cake baked by her aunt according to a magical family recipe and goes through a radical metamorphosis. As several classmates go missing, a bloody coming-of-age story takes its course."

I just read the phrase "magical family recipe" and I went through my own "radical metamorphosis," one unto utter delight. All I ask is that the B-52s song "Cake" is involved in some manner, and I will immediately pack my things and not pass go, head straight to heaven. Anyway no word on when we'll see this if we're not in Berlin but my oh-so-educated guess is Shudder will have it up some time in 2023. Maybe it can play at Tribeca before that so I can see it sooner? Just saying!

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