Thursday, December 01, 2022

The Only List That Matters

Some cineastes are drooling over Sight and Sound magazine's new "Greatest Films of All Time" list dropping today (Jeanne Dielman, holla!) and good for them, but even better, even more important -- John Waters dropped his annual Top 10 Movies of the year list at ArtForum! Read it right here. As always it's a trough of deliciousness, including two count 'em two François Ozon movies, that one with all the cock-sucking, oh and a lil' movie about Timmy the Cannibal too! I've seen all but three of these movies and second the seven I have seen. John gets it.

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Shawny said...

I'm in shock over the choice of Jeanne Dielman. What the hell has happened? It's so great that this film is now towering over the cannon of films. Amazing, really, especially with Beau Travail making #7. This represents a huge very welcome shift.