Wednesday, December 07, 2022

Showing Up is Showing Up

There is the lovely poster for Kelly Reichardt's new movie Showing Up, which reunites her with muse (can we still use the word "muse"? Even if it's two women?) Michelle Williams. I saw this movie at NYFF and reviewed it over at The Film Experience -- it's glorious and wonderful and I have thought of it a dozen times since then. Maybe we'll get a trailer soon? It still doesn't have a release date that I'm aware of but they'd be smart to drop this during Michelle's Oscars run for The Fabelmans because she's even better in this and that will strengthen her case.


Anonymous said...

Are you going to say anything about the full frontal scene in the most recent episode of The White Lotus?

Jason Adams said...

No? Well it was a nice penis. Is that enough, haha? If it'd been Will Sharpe's penis I would've posted it but just some random hot guy penis I can't get too worked up about, I don't know him. I can (and do) google a random penis every five seconds of my day ;)

Anonymous said...

He was a very gorgeous man. Though, I agree, I wish it had been one of the main actors. Someone who hasn’t done full frontal, so probably not Theo. And man….. Will was looking GOOD when he went swimming in the episode! 🥵🥵🥵